In 2011, participants of the Feminist Zine Symposium at the Carnegie Library reached out to local indie cartoonists to organize a Pittsburgh-based event to promote zines and zinemakers. Since its debut at Artist Image Resource in 2011, the PZF has attracted a diverse group of artists, writers and activists from across the region whose content varies but the format remains the same: the zine.

A zine is any self-published, small run book, commonly photocopied. Historic figures like Martin Luther, Benjamin Franklin or William Blake could be considered early “zinesters”, but the modern term grew out of 1940s rock ‘n’ roll-related “fanzines” and popularized by the Punk Rock and Riot Grrl communities in the 1970s and ‘90s, respectively. An icon of DIY ethos and radical, democratic information sharing, the zine decentralizes media and vaults individual expression while remaining inexpensive.

For the past three years, the Union Project has been the perfect host for the PZF for many reasons, including location and accommodations. Accessible by public transit at a major intersection, the Union Project is a fixture in the Highland Park, East Liberty, and Morningside communities as a space for community events and creative workshops. The Union Project has accommodations for people with physical disabilities such as ramps and ADA compliant bathrooms, which allows the PZF to confidently welcome members of the disability community. Finally, the sheer physical beauty of the space can not be undervalued as it contributes a welcoming atmosphere that urges attendees to linger and that grants vendors a sense of prestige one might not associate with zine culture.

Board of Directors

Juan Fernandez

Raiona Gaydos

Christina Lee

Maggie Negrete


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