Adam Milner I am a visual artist living in Pittsburgh. My practice is rooted in the methodical documentation of my personal life. Complex archives form as I compile the minutiae of my everyday simultaneously intimate and automatic, vulnerable yet machine-like. I program my life with rules, allowing the quotidian to become a method of production: I implement simple routines like photographing my bed each morning, recounting my dreams via postcard to everyone I dream about, documenting my body's movement as it drifts to sleep by holding pen to paper, and using a hole punch to collect every belly button I see in magazines. The actions I perform are usually desperate attempts to understand human connection, desire, and longing. Over time, they aggregate to form groupings of information that reveal private details of my life while also interrogating larger cultural phenomena, including issues of private and public, our relationships with and through objects, and what it means to be human in an increasingly digitally-mediated world. Offering these artifacts to the viewer allows me to explore issues of ambient awareness and parasocial relationships as they relate to networked culture, where we are often shockingly in tune with the lives of people we barely know. Like the archives we unwittingly create daily while we tweet, text, and google, I knowingly compile information about my life in a way that is both second nature and self-conscious. Through examining myself as a case study, I probe the intersection of narcissism, vulnerability, and loneliness. Sometimes I make little books.

I am also interested in creating a broader exchange, as I am very new to Pgh, and has a great community in the art scene in Denver, where I'm from. Thus, I'll be selling zines from a group of Denver artists and illustrators as well.

Allegheny Commune Radical theory zines. Some history and how-to.
Battlefield Saints Unique storytelling and quality graphics from a Queer outsider perspective. Contributions from other wonder Pittsburgh based artists. back issues will be available.
Bench Press Zine Bench press is a zine that started in 2011. We are dedicated to rail road photography and freight train graffiti culture. The term "bench" in graffiti culture means to document and photograph freight train graffiti. Our zine features hundred of photos of freight train graffiti and focuses on interviewing some of the most prolific freight train graffiti writers. With 4 successful issues under our belt we will be releasing our 5th issue in September.
Black Lesbians @ Lesbian Herstory Archives 70s-now A medley of articles, pics, letters, flyers, posters from the collection on black lesbians at the Lesbian Herstory Archives.
blue moon productions Newave holdout.
Budgie Cops: A Collection of Bird Puns I am an artist and sometimes-writer with a special interest in watercolor and collage illustration, and in any place where the visual and the verbal intersect. I like interesting animals, bright colors, and any combination of puns/puzzles/riddles/general wordplay.
Cloud Lagoon Comics Jenn Lisa's only real goal is to spread good. Once from a small town in Ohio, she is now living and working (by chance) in a neighborhood in Pittsburgh called Fondness. Nobody really knows what she does there all day, incognito. One thing we do know: all comics work is done by Borislav and Lisa, her cat.
CLP Zine Collection The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Main Zine Collection is made up of the donated Comic Release zine collection, which focuses heavily on comics and art zines, and the general adult zine collection, which also has literary, personal, and various types of informational zines, for example zines on activism, biking, gardening, and zine librarianship. We try to have a collection that is balanced across subject areas and that speaks to community needs and interests. We do have some zines in the collection because of their historical significance, but we have more contemporary zines than archival material. Our zines are located near the graphic novels on the First Floor at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Main, Oakland. The zines cannot be checked out, but you can read them anywhere in the library.
COWBOY HOUSE COWBOY HOUSE is an art collective/small press/front organization for the Iannucci Crime Syndicate, consisting of Fred Frances, Jeff Gibbons, Matt Glove, and Mike Madsen. They are all roughly 25 years old, make comics and zines every month for the Cowboy House Correspondence Club, and have a very easily navigable website:
Crinkled Comics Juan makes Crinkled Comics. Crinkled Comics are poetic ruminations on love, fantasy, and moments both big and small. Juan Fernandez focuses on creating one issue of Crinkled Comics (16 four panel comics each) every month. In these comics, readers will find the use of collage, watercolor, doodles, and digital painting that together create a singular voice. A monthly production schedule provides him with the reassurance that this body of work will grow steadily. This reassurance is invaluable when facing creative doubts. Thanks to this schedule, he can jump deep into each month's comics. It is Juan's belief that Crinkled Comics capture the flowing emotional essence of his life by blending playful experimentation with a committed publication schedule. Crinkled Comics are Juan's attempt in learning the art of the happy accident.
Easy Street Publications I am an artist and writer, seeking to combine both passions by creating zines. I am 58 years old and teach Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I have had a novel published (THE SECRET OF HURRICANES) and will have a novel-in-stories published soon as an e-book (BLUE VELVIS). I've had poems and stories published in a number of magazines, online and print, and I've won a number of awards for my work. My interest in zines stems from my participation in the Mail Art Community, during which time I learned again the importance of playfulness to my art. In making and exchanging Mail Art, including zines, I stretched my imagination in new ways. I developed an interest in comics, asemic writing, and collage. I attended my first Zine Fest last year as a tabler in Michigan.
erinohsays erinohsays is a one-woman zine production from pittsburgh. her zines focus on issues such as feminism, parenting, reproductive justice, and relationships.
flannel fanatic My zine is kind of an abstract punk zine, illustrated and written by a dramatic, angsty teenager.
Girls Rock! Pittsburgh Girls Rock! Pittsburgh is an empowerment program for female youths of all definitions, abilities and backgrounds. Girls Rock! Pittsburgh utilizes the process of making music to instill tools for amplifying self-confidence, creative expression, independent thinking, mutual respect and cooperation, while cultivating a supportive and inclusive community of peers and mentors. Girls Rock! Pittsburgh is committed to community awareness and social agency, fostering a network of role models for the endeavors of girls and women that promote social change amongst its diverse participants.


Girls can play any kind of music they want. Creative voices of girls and women need to be amplified to create social change. Girls need positive role models and support for their creative endeavors. We can build a community where girls support each other rather than tear each other down. We can empower girls to recognize, understand, and respond to discrimination. Girls Rock is more than just a slogan.

GRIXLY "Sure enough, I have felt megalomania lick my forehead

but I believe I am immune.

It is sufficient to think about the small importance of art in today's world to cool down. Yet my compulsion remains. "

Half-Stop Half-Stop is an extra-small press operating out of Pittsburgh, PA. We are focused on exploring new ways to share stories and are looking to publish artists working in any medium who are aiming to do the same. Most of the work we will have at the PGH zine fair will be limited run, photography based publications.
Higu Rose I write original stories and draw a lot of autobiographical comics. I also do a ton of illustrative work in whack colors with trippy visuals like slime, soft gore, and flowers. Keepin' it fresh and weird.
I Love Bad Movies I Love Bad Movies is a collaborative zine filled with essays, illustrations, and comics about the most enjoyably bad films. Creator Kseniya Yarosh and Co-Editor Matt Carman publish each issue with a specific theme: "Visions of the Future," "Kids' Movies," "Before and After They Were Famous," etc.

With a roster of several dozen writers, artists, comedians, film nerds, and special guests, each issue of I Love Bad Movies contains fresh, intelligent perspectives on those great-bad movies which some of us can't help but love.

Incrediman Comix & Stories Jared Catherine is a cartoonist and creator of the self-published series, Incrediman Comix & Stories. His other works include Mean Face, The Expressionless, Squatch Bros with Shawn Atkins and the critically acclaimed series Walrus with Brian John Mitchell. Jared's work has also appeared in such anthologies as Memory, Untied States and Love & Monsters. Jared is also a co-host on the Pittsburgh based podcasts, Comic Book Pitt with Dan Greenwald & Scott Hedlund , Figure It Out with Shawn Atkins and Events Occur In Real Time with Giancarlo Algarin. Jared is also a co-host on the Pittsburgh based podcasts, Comic Book Pitt with Dan Greenwald & Scott Hedlund , Figure It Out with Shawn Atkins and Events Occur In Real Time with Giancarlo Algarin.
Little Tired Press Little Tired Press is a collaborative and community minded independent publisher that focuses on inspiring and promoting the talent that is discovered daily in Pittsburgh, PA and beyond. The flagship publication that drives the success of Little Tired is a quarterly comics anthology called Andromeda that collects comic and comic related art from various artists throughout Pittsburgh and neighboring areas. In addition to sparking artistic expression, Little Tired also seeks to organize events and happenings that further promote the arts and culture in our community.
Love and Monsters Cynthia Lee draws colorful comics about monsters, tiny explorers, and her summer travels. She is the editor of the Comix and Music Anthology, Love and Monsters, and the founder of the college publication, The Green Stripe. Come hang out with her! If you ask nicely she will play a drawing game.
MGGLNTcreates Maggie Lynn Negrete is a visual artist and arts educator, whose illustrations and comics are often black and white and feature exploration, womanhood and plenty of the occult. Check out her ongoing series, Adventuring Princesses as well as her collaborations with local artists, Steph Neary and DS Kinsel.
Mutual Paradise Mutual Paradise is a comic zine by Lizzee Solomon. Mutual Paradise is kitschy, tacky, fetishistic, gross, vibrant, horrific and tropical. It might make you throw up, get a hard-on, or take a huge dump. Some people who have seen Mutual Paradise have accused Lizzee of objectifying women. Her response is usually, "Uhhh, okay" or, "well, fuck me"

Aside from objectifying women, Lizzee enjoys cooking, cleaning, shopping, reading tabloids, and watching reality TV shows.

Natty Soltesz / QueerBurgher I am primarily a writer of erotic fiction, but also a zine maker and co-publisher of the sometimes-published Pittsburgh newsletter QueerBurgher.
No Outlet My heart is an unregulated impulse factory where overworked (underpaid) secretaries write passive-aggressive love notes to the universe. They want to be socialites. They want to be astronauts. They want to be the gorgeous blue-haired woman who pops up from time to time in the "explore" section. Mostly though, what they want is to pass out cold on a pile of their own creative genius, convinced they'll be woken not by their factory alarm clocks and hangovers, but by the steady growing thunder of approaching applause.
Patton Pending Jayla Patton is is a 24 year old college grad turned animation instructor attempting to someday get into the industry and animate professionally.

She is also getting into comics and wants to continue to draw until her hands fall off.

She enjoys tea, making horrible jokes, and dogs that wear human clothing.


She is currently working on a comic called Science Woman which follows the varying paths of women from all walks of life as they harness the magic of SCIENCE.

Royal Oak Comix Party My comics-making partner, Mike Burridge, and I have been making comics for the last five years as well as running a weekly open comics-drawing night for people in Detroit who are either cartoonists or want to learn how to make comics. I self publish my own comics and teach other artists how to lay out and turn their projects into finished books. We table at about three comic conventions a year, and the rest of the year lecture at local high schools and libraries about comics.
RUBBER CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP I am a former stand up comedian from Chicago who has relocated to Pennsylvania who has found more success in drawing little pictures. I do a daily comic strip called Well I Guess This is Earth... but also produce a mini-zine called Rubber Chicken Noodle Soup that contains short one-off comics. I've built a small internet following and love every second of it.
Skeleton Balls Comics Nils Balls is a cartoonist and author who works from his ramshackle house on the Northside of Pittsburgh. He is the featured cartoonist for The Northside Chronicle and Mellinger Beer. He is the author of "Dr.Joseph Upmc", "Ship of Soiled Doves", and the forthcoming "You Can Did It". His Pittsburgh-centric schwag can be found all over
Small Press Pittsburgh Small Press Pittsburgh is a boutique bookselling operation run by an award winning small press author. I feature small press writers and publishers based in Pittsburgh, but I also comb the country for a terrific selection of the best of contemporary small press literature, zines, mini-comics, and other micro press offerings. I sell books, zines, and comics to hungry and discerning readers.
SQ Distro SQ Distro is a distributor of media related to issues of squatting, housing, property, and land struggles.
Steer Queer Steer Queer is a new creative magazine based in Pittsburgh. The magazine and all content are created by and for the queer community. We aim to promote collaboration, networking, education, support and understanding related to social justice within the Pittsburgh area. No qualifications! No queer stamp of approval! All are welcome to contribute regardless of artistic/written ability or experience, and to become part of a community based on personal expression.
Sub Atomic Press Do you enjoy pointless stories, random thoughts, and plots about nothing? Well, I make stuff like that and more. Its pretty cool.
The Copacetic Comics Company Specializing in creator owned, small press and self published comics work since 2001, Copacetic also stocks classic and contemporary literature, poetry, art & photography books, music on CD with a focus on classic jazz - and movies on DVD - with a focus on international cinema. Currently located in Polish Hill, upstairs from Lili Cafe and Mind Cure Records.
The Development Committee ..
The Dreamer Starting my first comic. I am influenced by manga and american comics. I am excited to start capa next year. And excited to emerge as an artist in my community.
The Gourd: a project of Aspotmedia From our births we have been the property of property. Socialized into pageant smiles through childhood, ladylike, watching our nuclear families rot. We were dominated in schools, at work, in love. Harassed, assaulted, raped. Used, dismissed, belittled. Purchased by the hour. Hands burnt, back wrecked, wrung out serving someone's tedious coffee. Faces forced toward clocks and flat-screens, toward god and much worse than god. And through it all, feeling the floorboards for an escape, something in us was dreaming. Some of us grew up to be orphans, some of us exiles, runaways, or secret aliens among the flock, who knew by gut, by sight and book that the world was wrong. That we were not sick for feeling it wrong. And then there were others who also survived. And we were no longer alone. Each of us found we could offer something as a smoke signal for others like us. We came to know and aim our combined creativity, uncovering some of our richest truths at the same moment we struggled to express them. Through our writing, our art, our poetry, our storytelling, our photographs, and our music we are not only speaking back to the world which alienated us; we are becoming and recreating ourselves, inventing a life which nurtures us. From the sum of our aspirations and refusals, we continue to do so, understanding ourselves as incomplete projects. And we seek other incomplete projects with whom to erupt. Who are we? Who's asking? We may be you looking for yourself.
The Wild and wonderful club Started in early 2014 we're a collective of 3 guys just getting started producing zines/books.

Each member produces different works, right now our zines are primarily photo based.

thricegreat apparel vol. 1-2; Bxtch Slap issues 1-2 Thricegreat apparel is a zine series about alchemists that use hand painted clothing to work magik. Bxtch Slap is a comic book done by me + Asia Bey. It centers around relentless devotion to your dreams + an up + coming band gifted with special abilities.
Wild Age Press Wild Age Press is an independent literary publisher with a mission to publish work with an edge to it, work that you might find hitchhiking on a roadside, work that doesn't give a damn about boundaries or borders or genre. We don't care about aesthetics nearly as much as substance. We know that sometimes ugly things cannot and should not be made beautiful.

If we had to put a label other than independent on Wild Age, we would default to experimental. We're looking for books that break taboos, that do things writing teachers tell you not to do (but please, do them well), that beg to be transformed into objects other than pages between two covers. Basically, we don't care what you do, as long as it knocks us on our asses.

WONGFACE My work can be considered as quirky, light-hearted illustrations that aim to make the viewer burst with smiles or explode with laughter, and if that doesn't occur, I'm satisfied with an appreciative smirk. I depict interactions, ones that play off of situational irony or commentary on the obvious. Rampant silliness with a clever twist is always a goal, and if I can add a jet pack or a robot in it, then chances are I will.
Wrapped in Stuff My name's Cortney. I make art, and really strongly believe that anyone can make art, it's just the way you're looking at something. I never considered the option of making a zine until i realized that zines could be anything really, just within a certain format or framework. I did a photo project where i took pictures of things that were 'wrapped in stuff' or covered in some kind of fabric or baggage type thing and realized that i could make that into a zine. Labeling it a zine gave it more credit within a wider range of art makers and zine followers. I also have some book notes that i turned into zines, one being an art making self help book , and the other being a collection of notes taken about the second hand clothing industry. Turning these into zines take them out of the realm of being personal or personally useful and turn them into a way to communicate to everyone else my own personal interests or struggles on a very literal level. I'm also really interested in the anxiety around what's considered worth sharing and the amount of editing going into something to make it credible. Turning book notes into zines almost seems lazy, but then at the same time it's like hey maybe someone wants to know about this book or this topic and doesn't feel like buying it.
Wykery Daniel Wyke draws comics and sometimes prints them. He doesn't like talking about himself because he's not that into himself. You can find him in outer space.