The Pittsburgh Zine Fair will feature over 30 local vendors, including zine distributors, small press publishers, writers, comic book makers, illustrators, book store zine collections, and even the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's very own zine library! You'll be able to browse their work, buy it, or swap zines. Here are some of the folks we've confirmed so far (in alphabetical order). Check back frequently as we update this page! Acid Rain

Acid Rain includes such zines as: Copy Rats, Dropbucket, Dark Side of the New Age, Randy Roads, Drawings by Ippis Halme, Community News and Events, Halloween Sex, Etc. All are small-run artists zines, mostly consisting of drawings, comics, illustrations, or collages. Xerox zines between 20-30 pages, some have screenprinted covers. Staple Bound, or sewn. Solo and collaborative zines that include artists such as Thad Kellstadt, Jason Polan, Matt Furie, Bill Thelen, and Jerstin Crosby. Costs range from $3-$10.

Amy Catanzano

Amy Catanzano is the author of Multiversal (Fordham University Press), recipient of the 2010 PEN USA Literary Award in Poetry; iEpiphany (Erudite Fangs Editions); and an electronic chapbook, the heartbeat is a fractal (Ahadada Books). Amy recently moved to Pittsburgh from Boulder, Colorado, where she taught creative writing and literature in the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University.

Ashly Nagrant

The Riot is a web-based 'zine inspired by the Riot Grrrl 'zines of the 90's. Concentrating on politics, music, community, self-expression, The Riot's goal is to make feminism relate-able, especially to a teenage audience, and to state that while the movement is worth saving, it also needs major changes which can be made by a younger generation of grrrls. While no physical copies of the 'zine exist, The Riot would be offering physical copies of our free fliers and pages from "The Riot's Great Big Patriarchy-Smashing Activity Book." No, really.

Our Exquisite Corpse is a crowd-sourced surrealist poetry experiment. Readers send in a single line of poetry and after enough have been gathered they are posted as an Exquisite Corpse style poem. Once again, we normally do not offer a physical copy of the 'zine, but at the 'zine fair attendees would be able to pick up a limited edition print copy of all of our existing poems, as well as have the opportunity to contribute a line to a poem to be featured on the 'zine the following day.

Battlefield Saints

Battlefield Saints is a collection of some of the best emerging artists who work, show & live in Western PA. Each poet, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and painter pours their heart out in a 4x8" space. Not to be missed.

The Big Idea Bookstore Zine Collection

We are dedicated to the active promotion of radical/alternative cultures through community networking and the distribution of literature. We hope to create a safe and accessible space for people to take part in an open and empowering community. We actively support politics and lifestyles that we deem as alternative, multicultural, woman-positive, queer-positive, class-conscious, and all the things that promote a sustainable community.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Main Zine Collection

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Main Zine Collection is made up of the donated Comic Release zine collection, which focuses heavily on comics and art zines, and the general adult zine collection, which also has literary, personal, and various types of informational zines, for example zines on activism, biking, gardening, and zine librarianship. We try to have a collection that is balanced across subject areas. We do have some zines in the collection because of their historical significance, but we have more contemporary zines than archival material.

Christine M. Soltis

Christine M. Soltis was born and raised in Washington, Pennsylvania. Her deepest passion is in fiction writing and has been for the past eight years. Of her twelve written novels, five have been released to the public, along with three poetry books and two short story compilations. In addition, she is co-writer of two film scripts and creates her own book cover photos and promotional videos.

Christine has had poetry published, is a former contributor to Pittsburgh's Verdure Magazine and is a current contributor to the Yahoo Network, as well as travel sites and In addition to her writing, she made her acting debut in E-Nertia Global's production of A Chemical Skyline, which was an Amazon best-seller for monster horror. She also acted as an extra in Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera and How to Interview A Vampire. She attended Point Park College and has worked in newsradio since 2002. In 2011, she was an exhibitor at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Websites: and

Copacetic Comics

The Copacetic Comics Company – dedicated to promoting creator owned and published work since 2001, and currently located in Polish Hill – will be on hand with a healthy-sized cross-section of its comprehensive collection of small-press, micro-press, and self-published comics, zines and books from North America and Europe. Many rarities, obscurities and items with print runs under 100 will be in the mix.

Crinkled Comics

Crinkled Comics is the flag under which the venerable Juan José Fernández self-publishes his comics. Juan was born in Venezuela in 1990, moved to Spain and finally found himself in Cleveland, Ohio. He’s been writing and drawing comics since 2009. He aspires to study at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont in the Fall of 2012. This blog is a smattered collection of his journey into the world of comics.

Cyberpunk Apocalypse

The Cyberpunk Apocalypse is a writers' cooperative work & event space, residency program, and publication based out of Upper Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh PA. Since 2009 the Cyberpunk Apocalypse has hosted countless readings, writing groups, lectures, and various writing related events. We are glad to provide an outlet to writers to present and share their unique perspective. Our library has a take-a-book leave-a-book section, a permanent zine collection, and a few titles in the permanent book collection. To peruse the titles in our library, feel free to visit during any event at the space or any open hours.


Devour is a vegan, seasonal cookzine by Sara Grozanick featuring a linoprint cover and hand-sewn binding. Check out the summer issue, out just in time for the Pgh Zine Fair on September 1st! . .

Encyclopedia Destructica

Encyclopedia Destructica is a community-based artist book publisher based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Encyclopedia Destructica publishes hand-bound artist books and zines. Additionally, Encyclopedia Destructica produces and hosts cultural events including readings, binding parties, screenings and book releases. We are inspired by the need to explore, create and distribute contemporary art and culture in an accessible way that encourages community participation and involvement.

Erin Oh

Erin Oh first began making zines in 2010 and has put out 5 since then. They are: Dream Zine, I dreamt my nostrils had teeth (the anthology), Conversations I wish I had, Earliest Childhood Memory, and Unusual Attitudes. More info here at:

Gabe Felice

GAMES VS. RECIPES = EPELODEUS TRICERATOPS (OR G.V.R.E.=E.T. FOR SHORT...) by Gabe Felice is a zine with fake recipes, drawings and games. One of the games is called Silly Bulls (syllables). It is a weird word game in the zine in which the clues are illustrations that the reader must look at and sound out what the sentence is - the reader is encouraged to write their answer in the blank answer box.

Hyacinth Girl Press

Hyacinth Girl Press is a micro-press that plans to publish up to 4 poetry chapbooks in the upcoming year. We will specialize in handmade books of smaller press runs. We consider ourselves a feminist press and are particularly interested in manuscripts dealing with topics such as radical spiritual experiences, creation/interpretation of myth through a feminist lens, and science. We think outerspace, in particular, is pretty darn cool.

While we are interested in poetry that deals with the otherworldly, we are not interested in being preached to. The ultimate goal of Hyacinth Girl Press is to bring feminism, mysticism, and scientific inquiry together with awesome poetry.

Justseeds Artists' Cooperative

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative is a decentralized network of 26 artists committed to making print and design work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance. With members working from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, Justseeds operates both as a unified collaboration of similarly minded printmakers and as a loose collection of creative individuals with unique viewpoints and working methods. We believe in the transformative power of personal expression in concert with collective action. To this end, we produce collective portfolios, contribute graphics to grassroots struggles for justice, work collaboratively both in- and outside the co-op, build large sculptural installations in galleries, and wheatpaste on the streets – all while offering each other daily support as allies and friends.


Ker-bloom! is a life history letterpress printed in installments every other month for the past fifteen years. Begun in the SF Bay Area, the zine moved to Pittsburgh in 2007 as part of a grander plan for a dream printshop.

Little Tired Press

Little Tired Press is a collaborative and community minded independent publisher that focuses on inspiring and promoting the talent that is discovered daily in Pittsburgh, PA and beyond. The flagship publication that drives the success of Little Tired is a monthly comics anthology called Andromeda and is now on it's 15th issue. In addition to sparking artistic expression, Little Tired also seeks to organize events and happenings that further promote the arts and culture in our community. Illustration and design services are available for purchase through all artists associated with our merchandise and Little Tired acts as a connection between the client and artist. We are currently considering a physical location to facilitate sales, collaboration and events, however until then Little Tired can be communicated and bought from online and in various local book sellers. Here are just a few:,, Copacetic Comics Co., Awesome Books, and the Big Idea Bookstore.

Lizzee Solomon

Lizzee watched way too many cartoons as a child, and is now an artist who draws disgusting, scary, sexy comics. She will be peddling zines of collected comic shorts from the past year, as well as mouth-watering prints and original artwork. Lizzee has been known to appear in Andromeda, and you can see more at

Nick Marino and Justique Woolridge

Nick Marino and Justique Woolridge are storytellers working in comics and prose, self-publishing tons of minicomics, zines, and more. At this year's PGH Zine Fair, they're debuting their "Tales for a New Gen" zine, featuring four short stories and original artwork. They also have collections of their webcomics -- Super Haters and Time Log -- plus lots more unique offerings (and freebies!).

Nils Balls

Nils Balls lives in a crooked old house, on the North Side of Pittsburgh, where he draws comics and drinks beer. Nils' comics are published monthly in the Northside Chronicle and lots more of his work can be seen via the internet at


O'Ryan lives between Pittsburgh, PA and Buckhannon, WV. He makes comics and jewelry and paintings and tattoos and street art and music and food and is a clown in the circus. His comics thus far are Herk 1 – 4, and a short comic entitled, ♪. . .


tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE published his 1st bk in 1977 & his 1st (maga)(zine) in 1979. Since then, he's cranked out 100s of other obscure publications w/ content so unhip & esoteric (& original) that even the vast majority (or entirety) of the zine world has no interest in them. [foto & sculptures: Paula Gillen]

Thom DeLair

Thom DeLair has been illustrating his whole life and considers the beginning of his comic making career sixteen years ago. His most notable work is The Development Committee, a collection of over four hundred single frame black and white comics, often with a gag flavor. The central theme to this work is that there is no theme at all, with subject matter fleeting from one topic to another, although certain subject matter is trapped within Thom's own personality and has a distinctly American humor. Aside from The Development Committee Thom has self published twenty three other narrative based comics (some of which will be at the zine fair) as well as seven audio comics. Other then comics Thom is an oil painter, mural painter, actor/director, performance artist, dungeon master, lover of ancient history, Secular Presbyterian, professional dishwasher, a kind friend and a chain smoker.

Tom Dewing

Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot! (Aofzsb!) is a comics zine that deals with mostly comical side of my life. . . . .

Mr. Roboto Project Zine Library

Mr. Roboto Project seeks to build up a collection of independent and alternative magazines that frequently slip under the radar of many bookstores and libraries. .

Paulette Poullet

Paulette Poullet has been making zines since 1994. She is known for strange and interesting diary comics, illustrated opinionated pop culture rants and satirical tirades with a penchant for the old-timey. Her work can be seen in Unicorn Mountain 2 and the Toonseum's NORTH: A Graphic Guide To Pittsburgh's North Side. She is currently studying graphic design and is illustrator and web designer for the New Yinzer.

Unicorn Mountain

Unicorn Mountain is a Pittsburgh based collective of artists that publishes independent comics, art, music and literature. We are always busy, creating books and merchandise featuring the work of regional artists and writers. There have been good things said about us, and we enjoy talking about, growing and distributing our work.

Virginia is a People Name

The premiere collection of comic oddities and delights by Pittsburgh native Virginia Shields. Mostly based on real life, with a sprinkle of the fantastic. Virginia has been drawing comics for as long as she can remember, but this is her first zine. And 4 out of 5 sasquatches agree, its pretty groovy! .

Workshop 13

Workshop 13 is sci fi comics and slice of life by Shawn Atkins. Explorers of the Unknown is about 5 friends and the adventures they have through the paranormal and sci fiction. Gello Apocalypse is about a girl named kat and the trials and tribulations of every day life, with robots and conjoined twins.